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First steps towards professionalism.

1959 – 1962
  • Amateur-classes at the Bice Scheitlin Ballet School in Lucerne, Switzerland. Ballet and character dance classes. We had the chance to be part of the Christmas performances at the local Theatre, where Miss Scheitlin was Head of the Ballet Company, and on many other occasions. She was an exceptional teacher for children.

  •  Schweizerische Theatertanzschule in Zurich - directed by Wolfgang Brunner, then Michel de Lutry; ballet, modern, jazz, and character dance.

  •  Andrew Hardie School of Dancing in London - ballet, modern, jazz, taps, and musical dance.
  • Luigi Dance Center; Alvin Ailey City Center, classes at the Martha Graham School and at Steps in New York; summer courses at The Place and at The Dance Centre in London - mostly for modern/contemporary classes, and the joy of working with Matt Mattox!
  • Summer Academy in Cologne (the equivalent of the American Jacob's Pillow dance festival) attending classes with all the teachers I deeply admired who had a great influence on my teaching later on: Yuriko, Mary Hinkson, Pearl Lang, Viola Farber; Matt Mattox, Jojo Smith, and Luigi of course; Hans van Manen; Todd Bolender, Marika Besobrasova.      


Starting my career.... and moving on!

1962 – 1970

As a dancer:

  •  Strasbourg Opera, France. Direction: Jean Combes, later Roland April; guest choreographers: Milko Sparemblek, Tanja Balachova, Manuel Parrès.
  • Stadttheater Heidelberg, Director: Ingelore Wöbke, then Wolfgang Leistner / Egbert Strolka.
  • Free-lance in Germany, living in Munich - working for the largest German TV Stations: usually 3 weeks of intensive rehearsals for 7 to 10 dance numbers - and then the live show! Germany had a hudge budget for these shows, and we had the chance to work with American choreographers  (Bob Fosse's Cabaret was filmed in Munich): Gene Reed, Bill Milié, Lester Wilson, choreographer of Sister Act; Hermes Pan, choreographer for Fred Astaire plus German  TV specialists: Herbert Schubert, Heinz Schmiedel, Irene Mann et al.

  • Soloist and assistant to choreographer Raoul Colombo for Swiss, Belgium and German TV.  


Stepping Out .... towards teaching and creations! 

1972 - 1974 Holding workshops in Geneva (arriving here as a newly wed!) and gaining my first experiences of teaching and organizing my own classes. Engaged to teach jazz dance at the newly created Ecole de danse du Grand Théâtre, directed Beatriz Consuelo.

1974 – 1999 Opening and directing of my own school, the Modern Jazz Ballet Brigitte Matteuzzi
1988 – 1993 Creation of the troupe Stepping Out Jazz Dance Company with the engagement to prepare young and talented dancers for possible future careers with the enthusiastic participation of Claude-Yane Roulin and Françoise Philippon. 

1970 – 1999

And at the same time developing my career as a choreographer for:

  • Television: over hundred dance parts for Swiss TV; a Dance film specially created for the TV media 'Circuit fermé', which obtained the highest TV award, the Prix Italia.

  • Film: 'Rouge' the last part of Krzyszof Kieslowski's Trilogie Bleu-Blanc-Rouge..

  • Stage: 'Formes' a ballet created for the Grand Théâtre in Geneva; 'La Revue'  a political satire Musical directed by Pierre Naftule; creation for the Opening of the 31st Annual Meeting of the Asian Developement  Bank, at the United Nations and at Arena in Geneva.

  • Fasion shows: choreographic conception for 'HCC Sportswear/Descente' performed twice a year in Munich, Grenoble, Osaka, Tokyo, Las Vegas.

  • Promotions: for Philippe Morris, Mazda Cars, Coca Cola Suisse, Coca Cola International (with The Supremes  ... and Us!)

  • Codirector of the National Ballet of the Ivory Coast in Abidjan for one year; afterwards workshops twice a year from 1979 to 1990.

  • Workshops and choreography for the dance education program 'Force Jazz' in France. (Vendée); workshops and creation of two new works for the Teatro Municipal in Lima; several ballets for their school attached to the theater - all this over several weeks during 3 consecutive years; another 6 weeks' workshop and 2 jazzdance sequencies for their Gala at the Jean Wong School of Dancing in Hong Kong; Summer-Academy in Frankfurt - in participation with Gus Giordano for Jazz.

  • Jazz dance demonstration in several cities in China, sight-seeing tour of their dance world, organized by a French dance teachers organization; another tour visit in the former Soviet Union including an invitation to meet the Kirov Ballet, the Vaganova School and the Moiseyeff School.

  • Working for dance associations: president of AED (Private Dance Schools Ass.) Member of the executive committtee of the Swiss Head Organisation for Professional Dancing 1996-99.  

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2000 – 2002 'Slow movement activity' due to knee injuries; work in a home of 270 elderly residents, in the Entertainment section. A special highlight was the creation of a TV- insider-serial with the residents as script writers and actors! - Getting involved with the wellness program and apprenticeship of 'gymnastics for elderly or handicapped persons' (Margaret Morris method).

Back to dance!

2002 – 2004

Workshops and choreography in Geneva, Paris and Lyon. Jury-member for dance contests in Paris, Lyon (F.N.I.D);  specialization in a SOS-Service for replacement: anywhere, anytime, any style a really useful undertaking!

2003 – 2004
  • Repalcement instructor in several dance schools notably at the Institut Jaques-Dalcroze and the Evelyne Castellino school;

  • Regular classes at Espace Danse Peter Heubi;

  • modern, African dance, children)

  • Workshops and dance numbers for Lydia Amouyal's Le petit Opéra de l'Isle in Frontonas/Lyon;

  • Jazz dance for children, a special workshop  for the first time at the F.N.I.D. (French dance organization).

  • Member of the jury for three dance competitions organized by F.N.I.D. in Paris and Lyon. 

2004 - 2005 Organization of my own monthly weekend workshops based on Musical dance this year with with a new theme each month.

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