After our Gala-Performance with the MODERN JAZZ BALLET- Students in 1988 “Destination: Dance!” Claude-Yane Roulin and Françoise Philippon persuaded me to assume responsibility saying: “You MUST do something for our most talented students!”

 It is true that in Switzerland, Dance-education is entirely carried out by private schools. There is just no public assistance whatsoever as is the case for any other art with music receiving the largest slice of the cake. Furthermore every  Canton has it’s own system for education and dispensing subsidies. Small Switzerland is definitely not yet ready yet for Europe in this respect! From a practical stand point this means that  we have no Royal Ballet School” or any professional institution for dancers – except private schools. R.A.D. or I.S.T.D. systems are little used here because Balanchine established a different tradition here in Geneva and in Zürich. Further back in time some of the ex-Diaghileff and Marquis de Cuevas dancers living in Switzerland became marvellous teachers.

This meant that a student had to choose between secondary studies or dancing. I wanted to combine both, giving them a chance to stay in Geneva with family, being aware of the heavy financial burden incurred by studying abroad, and having to  leave one's family at a difficult age.

 We auditioned the most talented and motivated dancers and formed the first Stepping Out Company of 12 dancers. We invited teachers and choreographers for 3 months or more in order to habituate these upcoming dancers to different disciplines and styles – and mentalities! We wanted them experience also the tougher aspects of dancing. Furthermore they were expected to be very organised with their work in school and to attend all rehearsals, classes, last-minute-changes to choreographies, and by touring under sometimes difficult conditions.

MODERN JAZZ BALLET invited other teachers who of course taught for Stepping Out. It was an extremely flourishing time, and we created a new repertoire every year – and participated at festivals, contests, happenings…. Have a look:


Brigitte Matteuzzi  

Claude-Yane Roulin

Françoise Philippon

The following creations were part of  the Stepping Out repertoire from the beginning of the company:

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("Music" chor. Françoise Philippon)




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