1989 Shows in Geneva, Nyon, Vevy, La-Tour-de Peliz, Pully
1990 Shows in the Vendée region (France), Freiburg (Germany), Turin (Italy), Tallinen Festival (Estonie), Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Geneva
1991 Festival of Kaunas et Vilnius (Lithuania), Tanznovember Zurich, Geneva
1992 Freiburg (Germany), Turin (Italy), Nyon, Geneva, Mühlacker/Freiburg (Germany)
1993 Gland, Freiburg (Germany), Florence (Italy), Bergamo (Italy), Evian (France), Neuchâtel, St.-Gallen, Münsterlingen, Geneva

Vilnius and Tallinn Festivals 1990 and 1991          


                              FINANCIAL SUPPORT

STEPPING OUT received financial support from the following organisms: Department of Public Education of Geneva Canton, the Cultural Affairs Service of the city of Geneva, Pro Helvetia foundation, the French Swiss Lottery, Mr. Henri Senger, and Mr. Paul von Holzen

                       THE DEMISE OF THE COMPANY

We had to cease our activities in the autumn of 1993 because of the lack of pledged regular financial support during 3 years. This was in spite of the many invitations that had been received for the following year.

This was even more saddening since STEPPING OUT was a spring board for young dancers as well as for choreographers.

A federal professional school still does not exist. All training for professional dancers takes place under the aegis of private dance schools operating without subsidies.

Zurich has launched a HEM project that has started making some headway thanks to the the political and financial support of the Migros Cooperative.