THE TROUPE 1974 - 1978

Most of the dancers regularly participated in the variety programs procuced by Charlotte Rüphi at the Swiss Romande Television, for which I was pleased to be the choeographer. We accompanied a large number of stars and also had our own dance sequences, but unfortunately very few traces of these programs from the 1970s and and the early part of the 1980s remain. Most of the tapes were erased and reused  for other "more important" sequences. Some of the stars we worked with include Michel Sardou, Petula Clark, Serge Gainsbourg (ballet of the chain smokers), France Gall (« Gallantly », Rose d’Or de Montreux), Julien Clerc (1st  color program!! – Inauguration of Studio 4), Serge Lama, Annie Cordy, Claude Nougaro, and the "Charles Aznavour Special" which was shot in the city of Geneva and along the lake. The photographs here are historical documents of this period!  Please consult the Nostalgia pages for more.

The principal members of the troupe were:

Claude-Yane Favre (Roulin) – Christiane Truan – Sonja Lehner – Wanda Facuore

Mirella Thoma – Françoise Balsiger – Daniela Fiorati … and myself


Photographs from Swiss Romande Television programs: Samedi varietés et Mosaïque among others produced by Charlotte Rüphi and

choreographed by Brigitte Matteuzzi